Robert Carriages 8 Passenger Wagonette




Our sturdy Wagonettes are made for pleasure driving, parades and tourism. We have a model to fit all tastes and uses. Our 4, 6, 8, and 12 passengers are very popular carriages when it comes to riding trails. Its fifth wheel and brakes make them easy to handle. The 4 and 6 passengers also are available with pneumatic wheels. Comes with Team pole for 2 horses.

Length:140 in / 3.55 m
Width:64 in / 1.62 m
Height:74 in / 1.88 m
Track:58.5 in / 1.49 m
Front wheels:36 x 2 in /
0.91 m x 5.08 cm
Rear wheels:  42 x 2 in /
1.07 m x 5.08 cm
Weight:1025 lbs / 466 kg


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