How to do a Wither Tracing

  • Place the horse on level ground with his head in an upward riding position.
  • If the head is down in grazing position the trace will not be accurate.
  • Take a pliable piece of wire such as baling wire and mold this over the horse’s wither from side to side at the approximate point where the horn of a saddle would sit.
  • Trace the outside of this wire on a sheet of paper.


  • Trace the outside of the wire.
  • Trace on 1 sheet of standard 8.5” by 11” paper turned sideways (landscaped).
  • Draw a line on the paper and mark off 1” increments so can verify sizing is accurate after we print.
  • Include breed of horse, age of horse, and type of saddle you are interested in.
  • Use only 1 sheet of paper – we do not need more than that – matching up more than 1 is not accurate.
  • Include your contact information.
  • Do not text a picture – scan and email to [email protected].

Please call Frontier Equestrian at (417) 394-2298 with questions, or email us via our Contact Us page.