Robert Carriages Draft Horse Hitch Wagon



Our prize winning show wagon set off in chrome will grandly show off your draft horses whether you harness to one horse or to eight horses. Personalized with your colors and with matching pin striping by our in-house artist you will stand out in your competitions and charm both onlookers and judges.

Length:150 in / 3.81 m
Width:64 in / 1.63 m
Height:89 in / 2.26 m
Track:62.5 in / 1.59 m
Hub to Hub:72.5 in / 1.84 m
Front wheels:35 x 3 in /
0.89 m x 7.62 cm
Rear wheels:  50 x 3 in /
1.27 m x 7.62 m
Weight:1,525 lbs / 693 kg


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