Ultimate Leather Draft Horse Western Bridle with Reins


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The ultimate draft horse old time wide cheek bridle, reins, 6.5″ curb bit, and American made conchos. We make these bridles right here in Jasper Missouri – The leather is the best USA made leather from Wickett and Craig. This is the softest most high quality leather available anywhere. The bridle is very adjustable – as you can see from the pictures of Strawberry it is set at the smallest setting with lots more room. Measurements as follows:
Browband: 20″
Bit to Bit: 47″ to 60″
Throatlatch: 44″ to 49″
Reins: 8 feet by 5/8″ wide 
Hardware: Stainless
Bit size: 6.5″ curb


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Black, Brown


Plain, Conchos


Brass, Stainless


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