Roberts Caisson / Utility Wagon with Team Pole


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Originally this model was designed for use in funerals and is still popular with carriage service operators in that function today. It can also be very practical around your farm or on your land with its  flatbed.  It has a full fifth wheel and hydraulic brakes. Gold pin stripes and black vinyl seat cushions.
Length: 140 in / 3.55 m
Width: 64 in / 1.62 m
Height: 74 in / 1.88 m
Track: 58.5 in / 1.49 m
Front wheels:
36 x 1.5 in /
0.91 m x 5.08 cm
Rear wheels:
42 x 1.5 in /
1.07 m x 5.08 cm
Weight: 950 lbs / 420 kg


Complete pole kit
Chrome hub caps
2″ flat top rubber
hydraulic brakes
pin striping


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