Robert Carriages Classic vis-a-vis Wedding Carriage



The Classic Vis-à-Vis  by Roberts Carriages is the wedding carriage of choice for commercial carriage operators. It is used commercially everywhere in the United States, Europe and wherever fine vehicle are in demand. With the classic swell body style it only weighs 1000 lbs. Standard equipped with hydraulic brakes and rubber edged wheels. Its folding top adds to its beauty and diversity. This elegant carriage will attract the eyes of the onlookers and potential customers. Included in the price is a set of matching single horse shafts in draft or standard horse size with single tree. We also have a team horse pole with double tree – cost for this option is additional 400.00. Shown with options such as doors, full enclosure, leather dash, etc. Color options available.

We have a full range of commercial harness available in your choice of biothane, beta, or leather with or without decoration – we can also customize the harness any way you want.

Length:135 in / 3.43 m
(w/o shafts)
Width:66 in / 1.68 m
Height:82 in / 2.08 m
(top up)
Height:58 in / 1.47 m
(coachman’s box)
Front wheels:36 x 1½ in /
91 cm x 3.8 cm
Rear wheels:  42 x 1½ in /
107 cm x 3.8 cm
Weight:1000 lbs / 455 kg


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