Mini pony vis-a-vis



Mini Vis-à-vis

Unique style for pony afficionados. You will stand out at shows with this one! Seats two in the back with the driver up front.
Lenght:115 in / 2.92 m
Width:55 in / 1.40 m
Height:71 in / 1.80 m
Track:51 in / 1.30 m
Front wheels:
23 in / 0.58 m
Rear wheels:
32 in / 0.81 m
Weight:460 lbs / 209 kg


Chrome hub caps
1 1/2″ flat top rubber
Choice of velvet or vinyl seats
Pin striping
Rear trunk
Folding top
Brass or chrome lamps
Side curtains
Complete pole kit
Brass brake pedal
Brass hub caps
Protective storage cover


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