Exercise Cart


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This perfectly balanced cart is a must for exercising and training your horses and is designed for doing so off road and in trails. Its suspension seat and pneumatic tires give it a smooth feel and make it a charm to drive. Available for all your equine friends from minis to drafts.

Length: 128 in / 3.25 m
Width: 58 in / 1.47 m
Height: 50 in / 1.27 m
Height to seat:
Hub to Hub:
Weight: 230 lbs / 104 kg

Pneumatic tires
Shafts in all sizes; pony, horse, draft
Choice of upholstery
Protective storage cover

All Robert’s vehicles are custom made in Canada with your choice of color and options. Vehicles will be shipped from Canada to our facility in Jasper, MO. From there they can either be shipped or picked up. Please call for shipping options. If you intend to pick up directly from our facility there will be sales tax (7.60%) included unless you provide a Sales and Use Tax Exemption Certificate. Please call with any questions or concerns.


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