{Draft Horse – Large Horse} Brahma Webb Parade Harness


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Your choice of Lg horse (Cross Breed) or Draft size single or team parade style harness. Made with high quality Brahma Webb material and stainless-steel hardware. Brahma Webb is a durable, weather-resistant, low maintenance and easy to clean material. Just wipe clean with soap and water. It is a great alternative to old style leather harnesses. These come standard with all stainless hardware other than the heel chains and bits. Large Horse (Cross Breed) harness usually fit horses form 1300-1700 pounds, Draft Horse harness usually fit horses from 1700-2100 pounds. However, for more precise fittings we have a harness measuring chart available to verify exactly what size harness you horse needs. That is located at the top right corner of our site under the “Extras” tab. These harnesses come standard with cupped blinders on the bridles with 6″ bits, 3 strap breeching, driving lines with snaps. You can choose from getting no hames, black hames, or stainless hames. The upgraded “Code 2” hames are powder coated black with stainless steel hardware. Collars are not included but available for purchase under the collar section of the “Shop” tab. Single harness come standard with cruppers and team harness do not. Any team harness can be converted to singles with the single cart adapters, crupper, holdback straps, and single lines. All available in the “Harness Parts” tab. We try to keep most of these harness in stock with standard options. Some orders can take up to 6 weeks to complete. Feel free to call or email to find out availability and ETA’s with the options you want.

Additional information


Lg. Horse, Draft


Single, Team


Medium Round Spots, Medium Diamond Spots, Full Round Spots, Full Diamond Spots


Standard Black Hames, All Stainless Hames, No Hames, Code 2 Hames

Size Hames

22", 24", 26", 28", 30", None

Stainless Options

Standard Options, Stainless Bit & Heel Chains

Extra Equipment

None, Cruppers, Tie Straps, Hip Drops, All


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