Frontier Marathon XL Wagonette Horse size


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Standard horse size marathon XL wagonette carriage – this carriage will fit nicely on most horses from 14 to 16 hands- The shafts are closed end meaning they go to the shaft loops on the harness so nothing in front of the horse to interfere while turning – adjustable shaft length from 60″ to 85″ and width is adjustable with a maximum of 35″.  It has 23″ pneumatic tires – the distance from the ground to top of tire is about 29.5″. The carriage is shown with optional  drivers seat  The weight is 590 pounds. The carriage has extra heavy duty hydraulic disc brakes on all 4 wheels and a brake lock. We have an optional heavy duty team pole – 350.00
Overall length 94″
Overall width 51″
Overall height 67″
Front seat overall length with flat cushion 54″
Rear seats 36″ long
full fifth wheel with no obstructions – turns on a dime will not bind up
custom steel wheels with motorcycle air tires
large rear entry step
seats 4 passengers ( depending on size of passengers ) in the back with 1 or 2 people in the driver’s seat

Ships truck freight call us for a ship quote.

Marathon XL options list

Base price 4500.00 with 23″ air tires and single shafts
upgrade to 25″ air tires for draft horses Add 400.00
upgrade 23″ solid rubber tires for Add 600.00
upgrade to 25″ solid rubber tires for Add 800.00
Heavy duty team pole horse/small draft size Add 350.00
Heavy duty team pole full draft size Add 350.00

spare part prices

23″ wheel with air tire 250.00
25″ wheel with air tire 350.00
23″ wheel with solid rubber tire 350.00
25″ wheel with solid rubber tire 400.00
Wedge drivers seat with slide mechanism 150.00
Replacement inner tube 25.00




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