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This is your factory-direct source for discount saddles, tack and accessories. We offer a huge variety of saddles for all different skill levels and budgets. We carry everything from Australian saddles and draft horse saddles to dressage saddles and other varieties of wholesale saddles, some of which are from Sydney Saddleworks. Our method of cutting out the middleman to bring you factory-direct pricing applies to all of our saddles and tack... our endurance saddles, our draft horse tack, everything we sell. Whether you're looking at English saddles, quality draft horse bits, endurance-style treeless saddles or classic Western saddles, we know that you'll find exactly what you need among our saddles. We appreciate your visit to our factory-direct horse saddles website today, and look forward to serving you.

Featured Items
Amish beta mini harness with collar & hames
Amish beta mini harness with collar and hames - CLICK ON ITEM TITLE FOR MORE INFORMATION.

Bushmaster Australian Stock Saddle
The Bushmaster Australian Stock Saddle by Sydney Saddleworks - CLICK ON ITEM TITLE FOR MORE INFO.

Draft Horse Saddle 4024 Black
Draft horse leather western saddle 16" or 17" seat brown or black - CLICK ON ITEM TITLE FOR MORE INFORMATION

Frontier Marathon Carriage Blue & Gold
The Frontier Marathon Carriage horse size - click on item title for more information

Frontier Marathon Wagonette Carriage
The Frontier Wagonette available in black, blue, woodgrain, or burgundy

Frontier Special single harness beta or biothane
Amish made premium biothane or beta single driving harness. CLICK ON ITEM TITLE FOR MORE INFORMATION.

Horse head hitching post
Cast aluminum horse head hitching post- click on item title for more info.

Horse size driving cart

Mini horse marathon carriage
The Frontier Mini horse Marathon Carriage includes single shafts.

Pioneer Forecart Draft Horse # 8010 implement sea
Pioneer Forecart model 8010 Draft size with implement seat, Draft tongue and front guard - CLICK ON ITEM TITLE FOR MORE DETAILED INFORMATION

Spirit Bridle Horse Size black beta
Horse Size Spirit bridle with Spirit reins - black beta

Wade Tree Saddle 4012
Wade Tree saddle 4012 - full leather with tooling - CLICK ON ITEM TITLE FOR MORE INFORMATION.