Restored Vintage Horse Drawn Stick Seat Runabout



Comes with shafts and team pole

This is a   restored turn of the century Stick Seat Runabout  – it is ready to go out and use. specs as follows

Note – small cosmetic blem on whip holder- see picture

staggered spoke wheels

curved double trees

Tag on the back says Restored by A & D Buggy Shop R # 5 Millersburg Ohio

The leather keepers on the shafts are not useable but they are not necessary to use the carriage

Back wheel 46 tall

front wheel 42″ tall

seat width 32″

overall length 108″

overall width 66″

height 60″

shaft length 74″

shaft width at the shoulders 21.5″

The team pole is 100″ long

The carriage may be picked up from our showroom located in Jasper Missouri.




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