Euro style Brollar flexible collar horse to large horse size




  • Premium USA made Brollar Sport Collar – These collars are widely used in Europe – in the USA they are commonly used in marathon competitions, in hot climates, and sport driving. They are lighter weight and cooler than traditional rigid collars. They have a layer of premium soft padded ez care material against the horse and the outside is extremely durable beta/biothane with stainless steel hardware. This collar is adjustable and available in the following sizes:
  • large horse
  • horse
  • mule

specify size when ordering.

This collar is designed to be used with most types of breast pull harness that has buckle in traces. Simply replace your thin breast collar with the Brollar Collar. You can use two of these to modify 2 breast pull harness into a team harness. These collars are designed to be used on commercial carriages like vis-à-vis, victorias, etc., on competition vehicles like marathon carriages, and on pleasure vehicles like buckboards, wagonettes, Doctor’s buggies, etc. They are not designed for plowing, discing, logging. They are available in all sizes from mini to full draft.

These are 100 percent American made.

Additional information

Weight35 lbs
Dimensions32 × 20 × 18 in


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