Draft Horse or standard horse diamond parade harness



Complete single set diamond parade harness in draft or horse size – can also be made for mules and draft mules. Please note that our harness is shown with optional  stainless steel hames. If you want stainless hames they are available. This harness is oufitted with a full set of stainless steel diamond spots – they are striking. It also has a 3 strap breeching. These harness are made of all US materials – the hardware is all stainless steel except the heel chains.  Collar is not included but available in all sizes. We have all the accessories available also for these harness. We use one of these harness on Strawberry – she is 17.2 hand Belgian – Percheron cross as shown in the pictures

Additional information

Weight60 lbs
Dimensions32 × 20 × 12 in


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