Horse Size (Buckle In) Breast Collar with Center Clip and Permasoft Pad


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If you are looking to update your existing breast pull harness to the new Brahma Webb synthetic material but don’t want to spend full harness price, than here you go. This is hand made by the Amish with high quality synthetic materials and all stainless hardware. It has a clip in the center to split it in half for easy removal. It has buckles for the tugs (traces). This is convenient for quickly removing the tugs (traces) in the case of ground driving and training purposes. This breast collar comes with a neck strap and a black Permasoft pad as shown in the picture. Pad is set slightly off center to protect the horse from pinching. Pads are easily removable for cleaning. Tugs (traces) are not included. Comes in two styles. First the straight style which is what you’ll see in standard breast pull harnesses. Second is the deep curve style which allows more room for breathing and more room for the shoulder to move freely.

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