Draft Horse biothane team show harness DECO



Specify color red, blue, green when ordering

Amish made draft team set of biothane/beta  carriage show parade harness with hames – harness is super beta – biothane – about 5 times stronger than leather – all hardware is stainless steel except the hames and heel chains. This harness is adjustable and is full draft size for horses from about 1600 to 2600 pounds. This harness can be made for any size horse – just call us. Heavy duty traces with chain ends. Bridle with blinders, standard breeching, driving lines – customer may choose hame size – collar not included but available for purchase – see our ebay listings.  This is the typical type of harness used by commercial carriage operators – it is super strong for safety and simply hose it off after you use it – water has no affect on it. Full customization is available on this harness –  The hames will be standard black heavy farm style black steel hames with chrome tops.  Please note that while we try to keep a couple of these harness in stock some are made when we take an order which takes 3 to 4 weeks in most cases depending on how many harness sets are already in production.


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