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Spirit Bridle Horse Size black beta

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List Price: $119.95
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Full Description
The Spirit Bridle - "The Original Bitless Bridle" - Horse Size Black Beta We are officially licensed By Rev. Edward Allan Buck as the distributer for the Spirit Bridle " The Original Bitless Bridle". The listing includes the headstall and reins as shown. The Original Spirit bridle developed by Rev. Edward Allan Buck. This revolutionary bridle is the ultimate in Bitless Style bridles on the market today. Made of beta - a super strong manmade material used on horse harness - much stronger than leather - soft to the touch - requires virtually no maintenance - just hose off when done and let dry - will not mold, mildew, rot, etc. this bridle is horse size black - we also have other colors, styles, and sizes available. One of the keys to effective use of the Spirit bridle are the special rounded reins that are made specifically for the Spirit Bridle. These special reins move much easier through the rings as compared to imitation bridles that use the flat reins which are cheaper to produce - the rolled reins are very expensive to make - the rolled reins make a major difference in how your horse responds. If you look at other bitless style bridles you will find they all use the cheaper flat reins which cause much more friction when moving back and forth through the bridle rings which causes reduced communication between horse and rider. We do not cut corners with the Spirit Bridle - only the best will do. Following you will find information from the inventor of the Spirit Bridle - Rev. Edward Allan Buck A LEAP FROM THE PAST INTO THE FUTURE... The Spirit Bridle is a revolutionary new humane bridle. Traditional bridles, both bitted and bitless, steer and control the horse by 'pulling.' The Spirit Bridle uses no bit and controls entirely by 'pushing' and putting pressure on the poll and the acupressure points behind the ear. And horses respond more willingly to being pushed than pulled. Unlike the bit, which pulls on the sensitive tissues of the mouth and causes pain, or standard bitless bridles like the hackamore, which irritate the horse and could obstruct the airways, the Spirit Bridle is painless, safe and, therefore, more effective. The Spirit Bridle has been used with exceptional results. By removing a proven impediment to performance, your horse can give you a free, light, loose, supple and unconstrained ride. The Perfect Ride... an effortless dance, you and your horse in earthly flight.

Price: $119.95

Usually ships in 2 to 3 days